Nawi Maps provides cartographic, GIS, and database services to a diverse clientele since 1996. Originally the company was named Norris Maps and provided strictly publication quality maps for reporting and authoring.

The operation has grown to provide GIS services, specialized web map services, interface design for stand alone GIS applications, data management consulting and book design; all the while still maintaining services to provide publication quality maps. We have the ability to work on most platforms (Macintosh, Windows, Linux) and can use data in almost any format (try us).

Among others, Nawi Maps has done work either for, or with, the following groups: National Geographic Committee for Research and Exploration, The University of California Industry University Cooperative Research Program, The Office of the President (University of California), GeoMap (of the late Dr. Bernard Neitschmann), The Indian Law Resource Center (Montana and D.C.), The Maya of Southern Belize, The Borneo Project, and other research groups.


Nawi Mapas is the Peruvian partner company to the US based company. This partner company was formed in 1999 and has done work for The Centro Desarrollo Huayhuash, Lima 2000, Peaks and Places, The Mountain Institute (West Virginia and Peru) and Jim Bartle of Nuevas Imagenes S.A..


Tim Norris is the sole proprietor of both companies. He has a PhD in Environmental Studies from UC Santa Cruz where he worked on issues relating to conservation and extraction in the Andes of Peru. He has an expansive experience prior this scholarly endeavor which includes owning the California Cafe (a restaurant in Peru), starting the Centro Desarrollo Huayhuash (an environmental NGO in the Andes of Peru), and running longRoad Records as a hobby (a small recording company).


For more details see his curriculum vitae, a more personal story map, or his social media: linkedin orcid git twitter